Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
Scientific Field Campaign Support

MACC-II supports the science community by providing daily forecasts of atmospheric composition to research institutes organizing observational campaigns. These forecasts will be targeted for the geographical area of the specific campaign and users can also ask for specific tracers to support their flight planning. PI's of field campaigns can download a Campaign Support Request form to express their interest in this service.

Currently supported Campaigns

Name ForecastsPeriod Area Aim
DACCIWA plot_small.jpg

June- July 2014, June - July 2015

Southern West Africa
The DACCIWA project will conduct extensive fieldwork in Southern West Africa to collect high-qualityobservations, spanning the entire process chain from surface-based natural and anthropogenic emissions to impacts on health, ecosystems and climate.
GLAM plot_small.jpg July - August 2014
Studying the longitudinal gradient of atmospheric constituents above the Mediterranean basin

Planned campaigns

Name ForecastsPeriod Area Aim

Past Campaigns

Name ForecastsPeriod Area Aim
CAST/CONTRAST/ATTREX plot_small.jpg January 2014 Guam Improving understanding of the tropical atmosphere and how gases move from the surface to the stratosphere
DISCOVER-AQ plot_small.jpg January 2013 USA Deriving Information on Surface Conditions from Column and Vertically Resolved Observations Relevant to Air Quality
SAMBBA plot_small.jpg Sep 2012 Amazon biomass burning emissions and plumes
ACCESS plot_small.jpg July 2012 Arctic & Northern Europe Emissions from shipping and oil/gas platforms and LRT of pollution
TRAQA plot_small.jpg 15/06/-15/07/2012
Europe and Mediterranean
Air quality and impact of LRT of pollution
TCAP plot_small.jpg July 2012 Cape Cod Aerosols
DC3 N/A May-June 2012 US Aerosol
MOCCA N/A March 2012 UK Dust plumes as proxy for volcanic ash
CARDEX N/A February 2012 Maldives Aerosol with focus on black carbon
FENNEC plot_small.jpg June 2011 Sahara Dust
POLARCAT/ARCTAS plot_small.jpg Spring 2008 Arctic Long-range transport of polution
HIPPO N/A 2009 - 2011 Pole-to-pole