Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate

MACC provides various services that can be grouped in four main themes: European Air Quality, Global Atmospheric Composition, Climate, and UV and Solar Energy. Most of MACC's services are targeted on downstream service providers, who transform the elemental global and European products to more tailored services. At the same time, however, MACC also provides useful services to a wide spectrum of users. MACC's Product Portfolio can be accessed as part of the MACC web site.

Services by theme

raq_service.jpg The European Air Quality Service provides forecasts and reanalyses of the air quality over Europe. An ensemble of regional models driven by the same boundary conditions from the global MACC system provides daily forecasts up to 3 days ahead. Forecasts are available as maps as well as ensemble prediction plots that reflect the spread among the models.

European Air Quality


The Global Atmospheric Composition Service provides a wide array of products. The service monitors the composition of the atmosphere in near-real-time as well as retrospectively, provides forecasts up to 4 days ahead, monitors greenhouse gas concentrations and their surface fluxes with a delay of 6 months, and monitors wildfire activity.

Global Atmospheric Composition


MACC provides support to climate change studies by monitoring atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane and their fluxes as well as aerosols.



MACC provides UV and Solar Energy services based on the ozone and aerosol global data assimilation results.

UV, Solar Energy, Stratospheric Ozone



Services by user

health.jpg MACC provides various services that could be of interest to the health sector. Forecasts of European air quality, dust, and UV radiation can be used as indicators of episodes with potential health risks.


environment.jpg MACC provides information on European air quality through forecasts of air quality and aerosol as well as through reanalysis of air quality for periods in the past. MACC will be in dialogue with environmental agencies to tailor its products to better suit user requirements.


science.jpg MACC provides several services that are of interest to the science community, such as time series of atmospheric constituents from the reanalysis and forecasts of aerosols and reactive gases. MACC also provides support to scientific observational campaigns by providing specific forecasts. Finally, MACC interacts with the carbon cycle community to improve our understanding of the surface fluxes of carbon dioxide and methane.

Science Community

MACC provides services that are mainly targeted at so-called down-stream service providers. These institutes and companies use the provided information to tailor to the requirements of end-users. However, MACC provides some services that could be of interest to Eurpoean citizens as well, such as European air quality forecasts and global forecasts of UV radiation exposure.


weather.jpg MACC provides several services that are of interest to the meteorological community. Analyses and forecasts of aerosols, total ozone records, and trace gas climatologies based on the global reanalysis are some current examples.