Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
The documents that have been pre-identified as public deliverables of the project are available from these pages.

The deliverables additional to the ones listed in MACC-II's Description of Work can no longer be uploaded on the SESAM system, following the upgrade that took place in Spring 2013. They are all available here.

Recent additions

D_67.3 and D_67.4: Revised direct and indirect forcing products Nicolas Bellouin 1.6 MB 2014-07-22
D_66.9: Evaluation and progress report for the direct radiative forcing product Nicolas Bellouin 5.3 MB 2014-07-22
D_73.5: 1-year reanalysis using all new model and data assimilation developments R. Engelen et al. 631.7 KB 2014-07-22
D_72.4: Assessment of running full MACC-II data assimilation system at T511 R. Engelen et al. 1.3 MB 2014-07-22
D_64.8: Final validation report for AATSR aerosol product Gerrit de Leeuw et al. 762.2 KB 2014-07-22
D_64.7: Final description document on SEVIRI aerosol product over land A. Vermeulen and J. Descloitres 1.8 MB 2014-07-22