Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
The documents that have been pre-identified as public deliverables of the project are available from these pages.

The deliverables additional to the ones listed in MACC-II's Description of Work can no longer be uploaded on the SESAM system, following the upgrade that took place in Spring 2013. They are all available here.

Recent additions

D_43.3: Report on the quality of the inverted CH4 fluxes (second report) P. Bergamaschi and M. Alexe 4.2 MB 2015-01-14
D_143.1: Coordinated content of project web portal R. Engelen and V.-H. Peuch 635.2 KB 2014-12-30
D_12.4, D_14.1 and D_16.1: Ground based observations in the MACC-II production systems L. Tarrason and A. Fahre Vik 1.0 MB 2014-12-30
D_15.1: CALIPSO and EARLINET inter-comparison T. Grigas et al. 2.5 MB 2014-12-30
D_65.3: Report on progress relative to upgrades of the analysis system A. Benedetti 629.2 KB 2014-12-30
D_111.1: Database of supplementary observational data for the years 2010 and 2011 L. Rouil 624.6 KB 2014-12-30